Every Day Wellness kit

Wellness is a lifestyle. We've got you covered with our Every Day Wellness Kit. Whether you're feeling congested, achy or something "coming on", we've got an essential oil or blend for it.
(a $206 value)

This Every Day Wellness kit includes:
  • MUSCLE MEND for relief of muscular aches and pains...
    1 - 1 oz body oil (diluted essential oil blend)
    1 - 5 ml pure essential oil
  • VIRAL BURST for relief of cold symptoms...
    1 - 10 ml pure essential oil blend
  • BREATHE DEEP for relief of congestion...
    1 - 1 oz pure essential oil

These synergistic blends we find invaluable to keep on hand at all times.  Each is the perfect size to keep in your purse or pocket for use throughout the day when you need a little extra support. As a note in general, during an acute experience, consistent and regular use is most effective for results.

*Visit the products' pages for specific use and ingredients.

"I used the Breathe Deep blend after I had pneumonia to help me recover and now I love to use it daily - for just when I need to be calm and take a breath."
- Jill C.
Olympia, Washington

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